Top 5 Unique Things to do near Page, AZ (During a Pandemic)

Lake Powell

Want to travel and experience things but Corona got you down? No fear, The Rambling Raccoon is here.

Yeahhh…that was stupid. But stay with me.

As most of you know, Page, AZ is most known for two things: Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell.

As of 3/13/20, Antelope Canyon is closed until further notice.

Yes, it’s a bummer. Unfortunately, this is the world we currently live in, folks. Although COVID Is the reason we can’t have nice things, it doesn’t have to stop you from experiencing some breathtaking outdoor beauty.

So without further ado, I present to you…

The Top 5 Unique Things to Do near Page, AZ

(During a pandemic)

Things to do in Page, Arizona

#1. Horseshoe Bend

HORSESHOE BEND is a horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River. There is a short and easy .6-mile walk to the beautiful overlook. If you’re in the Page, AZ area, this is an absolute must-do.

Read all about it so you can go for yourself!

Read here:

#2. Navajo Bridge

Navajo Bridge AZ

Navajo Bridge is about 40 minutes from the heart of Page, AZ, and is well worth the drive. The drive itself features winding roads and beautiful rock formations. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to pull over and take in some of the epic views along the way.

Both seeing the epic bridges and learning the history makes this experience awesome for the entire family.

Read about it here:

#3. Wahweap Overlook

Wahweap Overlook Arizona

Wahweap Overlook is an underrated tourist spot located near Page, AZ that features stunning views of Wahweap Marina, Glen Canyon Dam, Navajo Generating Station, and miles of dramatic Lake Powell shoreline!

There is also a covered picnic bench and several large rocks near the edge of the Overlook, so you can picnic, or simply sit and take in the views.

It’s beautiful any time of day, but is also a fantastic spot to watch the sunrise or sunset.

Read about it here:

#4. Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

Gen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam Overlook in Page, AZ is an easy way to get killer views of both Glen Canyon Dam and the Colorado River.

You can follow the guided path to the gated overlook, or free-climb around the orange sandstone to get different perspectives and photos. This one is a must-do if you’re in the Page, AZ area! It’s free, easy to get to, and awesome!

Read about it here:

#5 Kayak Lone Rock, Lake Powell

Kayaking Lake Powell

If you do ONE thing near Page, AZ (Lake Powell), Kayaking Lone Rock should be it!

I do own kayaks at home, so I’m not saying you HAVE to kayak with a tour company. You could totally kayak Lake Powell by yourself. But it wouldn’t be the same!

The tour I did with Lake Powell Adventure Co was AMAZING. They obviously know all the cool spots to go so you’re not just paddling around to no-where land.

This tour included 5 hours of kayaking through some killer hidden slot canyons, cliff jumping (including me almost drowning because I’m stupid) and climbing around to some amazing Lake Powell views. What an epic experience!

Read about it here:

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  • Vera Dooley

    Top 5 must see, must do! Since I have never been there, I am anxious to go do everything you recommended! So nice to have so many options! Each point of interest looks amazing! To my husband, let’s go on some new adventures!

    • Jessi Bang
      2020-07-22 Vera Dooley

      You definitely need to go! It’s such a beautiful place! Thanks so much for checking out the article!

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  • Lyssa

    Woah! All of these places are stunning! I had no idea about most of these beautiful places in Arizona and I only live about two hours away from most of it. I guess I will have to go out and adventure more.

    • Jessi Bang
      2020-09-21 Lyssa

      Wow! You definitely need to go! Especially since you’re so close! Such beautiful and fun places!

  • Tarryn

    I love these types of posts. Thank you,

    • Jessi Bang
      2020-09-21 Tarryn

      Thanks for reading! ♥️

  • Wughangar

    Sounds fun! I would totally want to visit that place someday

    • Jessi Bang
      2020-09-21 Wughangar

      You should definitely go! Thanks so much for taking the time to check out the article!