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Kayaking Tour: Lone Rock, Lake Powell

Kayaking Lake Powell

If you do ONE thing in Lake Powell, Kayaking Lone Rock should be it! (Or boating, jet skiing, tubing, laying on the desert beach like a lizard….you get the idea.)

Lake Powell

Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir on the Colorado River, straddling the border between Utah and Arizona. Most of Lake Powell is located in Utah, but it actually straddles both Utah and Arizona.

Lake Powell is a major vacation spot visited by approximately two million people every year. It is the second largest man-made reservoir in the United States (Lake Mead being the 1st) storing 24,322,000 acre feet of water when it’s full.

In other words, it’s huge. And awesome.

Lake Powell

What's open at Lake Powell?

If you haven’t been suffocated enough by the media, let me remind you that we are currently in a pandemic. That’s relevant if you’re trying to travel to literally ANYWHERE for the foreseeable future.

So what’s open at lake Powell?

Lake Powell marinas currently open: (Subject to change like your girl’s mood, but current as of 07/22/20)

Lake Powell marinas currently CLOSED:

“Only one marina is closed, Jessi. Why does it matter?” Antelope Point Marina is hands-down the most popular spot at Lake Powell. And for good reason. It’s the closest land-based marina to the famous Rainbow Bridge National Monument and adjacent to Antelope Canyon (also closed).

I’m really glad I talked that up for you, since you can’t go.

You’re welcome.

Don’t blame me. Blame the ‘Rona. That bitch ruins everything.

Lake Powell

Kayaking Lone Rock, Lake Powell

Okay, let’s get to the actual point of this post, shall we? Kayaking Lone Rock was AMAZING. Again, you can choose to go off kayaking by yourself, but going with this tour company will give you the opportunity to see things you would never even know were there.

Lake Powell Adventure Co offers many tour options, including: Electric Fat Tire Bicycle Tours, Private 4×4 Tour to Alstrom Point, and 2 kayaking tours: Antelope Canyon Kayaking Tour (this tour is NOT available, since Antelope Canyon Is CLOSED), and of course, the tour I did – the Lone Rock Canyon Kayak Tour.

All of their tours are now re-named “Social Distancing Tours”, which is both relevant and hilarious. 

The Kayaking Tour

You’ll meet at the Lake Powell Adventure Co office, go through a short briefing, then hop back in your cars and follow their white SUV down to Lone Rock Beach. The guy called our cars “the ducklings” and made sure we were all in a row so didn’t get lost. It’s about 15 minutes down to Lone Rock Beach.

Lone Rock Lake Powell

Getting to Lone Rock requires an entry fee of $30 into Glen Canyon National Recreation area.

Once you get to the shore, you get your kayaks, life jackets, and also provided with the option of air-tight waterproof bags and a waterproof box for your phone or other electronics, which I thought was an awesome added perk!

Kayaking Lake Powell
Kayaking Lake Powell

From there, you’ll kayak off to Lone Rock itself. I’d say it took about 20-30 minutes of hard paddling to get to it. Lone Rock huge the closer you get to it. It’s awesome!

Kayaking Lake Powell

You’ll kayak up to and around Lone rock. 

Kayaking Lake Powell Lone Rock

Cliff Jumping & a Near Death Experience

From there, you’ll kayak to a spot where you get to dock, climb up the sandstone, and cliff jump!

There’s an awesome video of me jumping off on my Instagram! Check it out, HERE!

Also, fun fact: I almost drown. No, I’m not joking. Let it be known to the masses that Jessi does not swim well. Yes, I’ve had many swimming lessons. No, they were not effective. When I jumped off, I plugged my nose too soon (and not tight enough apparently) so when I hit the water, the lake water plunged into my nose with incredible force, then instantly shot down my throat. It was a lot of water. And a lot of unpleasantry. Talk about a nasal cleanse I didn’t ask for. When I came up I literally couldn’t catch my breath at all. THIS IS HOW IT ENDS.

“…BUT DID YOU DIE?” No, I did not. (I DID NOT, Micah) 

Would I do it again?


Kayaking Lake Powell
Kayaking Lake Powell

After the cliff jumping experience, you’re off to see some incredible hidden slot canyons. It’s super neat to navigate through the cliffs as they narrow in smaller and smaller. 

lone rock kayaking
Kayaking Lake Powell
Lake Powell Kayaking

Again, you can see some cool videos of me kayaking through the slot canyons on my Instagram, here!

After wandering through the slot canyons, you’ll hop over to a new spot to do some more cliff jumping! Another awesome spot! I opted to swim instead of jump, because, you know, drowning.

Kayaking Lake Powell
Kayaking Lake Powell

This tour is epic and worth every penny and paddle stroke you do to earn it. If you’re in the Page, AZ area, you have to do it!

Check out the tour here to book and go:

Looking for more things to do in the Page area? Go see Navajo Bridge!

Popping over to the Utah side? Hit up these awesome Southern Utah hikes!


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  1. Lake Powell is so amazing! The Lone Rock all by itself was cool! I can see why you loved the slot canyons! Perfect for kayaking! So sorry you almost drowned! But extremely happy you survived!! Thanks for posting!

    1. At least I know one person would miss me! Just kidding. That was dark. Thanks for reading! You’re the best.

  2. What a gorgeous area. You’re brave for cliff jumping dude… I don’t know about that. Super cool thing to do. The kayaking looks amazinggggg!

    1. Thanks, girl! I wasn’t even going to do it, but I didn’t want to regret NOT doing it lol Then that happened, because it’s me! ?