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Horseshoe Bend

Horseshoe Bend Arizona

HORSESHOE BEND is a horseshoe-shaped incised meander of the Colorado River. It’s just a short and easy 0.6-mile walk to the beautiful overlook. If you’re in the Page area, this is an absolute must-do!

Trail Information

Approximate hiking time: 30 minutes to an hour (depending on your pace)

Distance: 1.25 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Easy

Trail Conditions: Sand walking path and sandstone at the overlook


At Trailhead: 4327 feet

Highpoint on Trail: 4373 feet

At the Overlook: 4214 feet

horseshoe bend
Horseshoe Bend Overlook

Know Before You Go

With the renovations, Horseshoe Bend is now a simple walking path, which makes it very easy. It is an ideal trail for people of all ages and is also dog-friendly (on-leash).

That being said, this trail offers zero shade OR water. Make sure you’re fully prepared before you go. Bring and wear sunscreen, protective clothing/hats, and plenty of water. Even with the short distance, the heat can really wear on you. 

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Horseshoe Bend Updates

In 2018, a fenced overlook area was created for viewing safety. You can easily reach the cliff’s edge on any side around the fenced area, but practice caution.

Horseshoe Bend

When trying to get that Instagram-worthy shot, you could fall by slipping, or be pushed off the edge by an intense wind storm like I experienced on my last visit.

Nothing makes you feel more alive than getting slapped in the face by your hair and teetering on the edge of death. 

horseshoe bend
horseshoe bend

Exploring around the sandstone will give you a variety of different angles and views of Horseshoe Bend. You could easily explore around the area for hours…if you don’t get heat stroke first.

Horseshoe Bend Views
Horseshoe Bend Views

One of my favorite things about Horseshoe Bend – other than the obvious gorgeous views and rock formations – are the tiny boats you can see in the water. It really puts things to scale and you’ll realize just how big what you’re seeing really is.

boats at horseshoe bend
boats at horseshoe bend

If you’d like to see the river up close and personal, you can do a rafting tour! See the tour information, here.


Social media has played a prominent role in Horseshoe Bend’s ascent to tourism fame. It has quickly became one of the country’s most Instagrammed destinations. (Yes, I’m adding to it.) Last year alone, Horseshoe Bend approached almost 2 million visitors!

With facilities being inadequate to support those numbers, officials from Page and the National Park Service devised a plan to cope with the tourism rush, which included a fee schedule.

Horseshoe Bend Fees

  •  $10 per vehicle
  • Motorcyclists – $5
  • Fees for buses range from $35-$140, based on the number of passengers.

Note: Although Horseshoe Bend is part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, National Park Service passes are not accepted, and the fee still applies.

Getting There

Horseshoe Bend is located just south of Page, Arizona. Getting there is easy!

  • From the Glen Canyon Dam on US-89, head south for 5.1 miles. At around 5 miles from the Glen Canyon Dam, you’ll see a sign for Horseshoe Bend Overlook. Turn right into parking area.
  • If you’re coming from the south, take US-89 North to Page, Arizona. Before coming into town you’ll see a Horseshoe Bend Overlook sign. Turn left into the parking lot.

Click the map below for directions to Horseshoe Bend:

Have you been to Horseshoe Bend?

What did you think?

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girl at horseshoe bend
girl at horseshoe bend

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  1. Oh my goodness! The views are stunning and your photos are incredible! Never been there, but now I want to go!!! Loved that you had such a wonderful time! Also one of those days where you kayaked for 6 hours! Beautiful, Beautiful place! Thanks for posting

    1. Aw, thank you for the compliments! It’s such a beautiful place to see in real life!

  2. Oh wow!!! This is absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures!

  3. Looks like a great place to go visit. We have a Horseshoe Bay here in Texas which ironically is on the Colorado River. Your’s looks much better.

    1. Really? I had no idea there was another one! That’s super neat! Thanks for reading, Mike!

  4. wow – these are impressive shots!! I am scared of heights so you sound SUPER daring! I’m happy you experienced this adventure and got to showcase it for us readers to see! Such magical photos that you can hold on to forever! Looks like a fantastic time!

    1. Aw, thank you, Pam! That really means a lot! I’m actually scared of heights, too. But after hiking with my dad in the past, I’ve realized it’s not as bad as other people’s! I am just really good at hiding it though! Thanks for taking the time to read and the kind words!