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Cedar Breaks National Monument

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Cedar Breaks is one of my ultimate favorite spots to visit year-round. If you’re hiking or camping in the summer, it’s a beautiful place to escape the desert heat. If you go in the winter, it’s a winter wonderland, which St George doesn’t get. That means you could be in sunny St George and less than an hour later you’re playing in the snow! What an awesome place to call home.

Sitting at over 10,000 feet, you can get lost in the pine trees, stare down the 1/2-mile-deep geologic amphitheater, frolic in the wildflowers, lay under the clear night sky and stargaze, grab a camping spot at the campgrounds, or just simply drive through and take in the views.

Keep in mind that Utah weather changes like your girl’s mood. You can have a warm 85-degree day and by night time it’s snowing. No joke. These photos were less than a week apart in the exact same spot. One day it was fall, the next it was winter. Make up your mind Utah.

Make sure you are checking the weather prior to making a trip, to ensure the park is open. You can check the current conditions anytime here.

I personally love all seasons at Cedar Breaks! There’s a beauty in all of it. The snow is super fun and my dog had the time of his life!

The fall colors are breathtaking!

Don’t forget to see Cedar Breaks when the wildflowers are in full bloom. It’s an amazing experience!

If you can’t tell, I’m in my element.


GPS coordinates of visitor center parking lot:
37.612127, -112.837309

Or simply put “Cedar Breaks National Monument” in your GPS.

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3 Responses

  1. I love the whole area! Have not been there in winter however! All your pictures are extraordinary and so fun! Cedar Breaks is definitely a must see!

    1. I love every season up there! Thank you for the complaints and for reading!