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Must-have summer products

Summer must have products 6
Ok, full disclosure here: I shop on Amazon obsessively. As in, when I leave for a few days I generally have a pile of boxes waiting at my front door. I'm pretty sure the UPS driver has my address memorized, and the mailman is tired of trying to shove my packages into a small metal box.
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Anxiety is a horrible, demonic monster. If you’re lucky enough to have never experienced anxiety, let me tell you how blessed you are. It is estimated that approximately 40 percent of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder of some kind. That means that almost HALF of the people you know now are suffering from anxiety even if they don’t tal[...]
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Meet Roz

ROZ collage
Roswell, also known as Roz, knows no personal space and will literally put her tongue in your mouth if you don't prepare yourself. She's tiny, only 17 lbs., but thinks she's a Great Dane. (small dog syndrome) She yells at Buddy if he gets anywhere near her food, she tries her best to copy everything Buddy does, and they have become inseparabl[...]
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Meet Buddy

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Meet Buddy! Buddy is a 3-year-old Borador (Border Collie/Lab). He is a valiant, loyal steed. He's my best friennn, my favorite adventure partner, my permanent shadow, and my winy, needy, fur-child. I'm annoyed when he's around, I miss him when he's away, and love him the most when he's exhausted and half-dead cuddling with me. He'[...]
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Skinny Shaming

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The definition of a “real woman” has nothing to do with her size or physical appearance. Real women recognize other women's worth along with their own, no matter what size they are. They eat cheeseburgers, they work out, they are naturally slim, they are voluptuous, they are plus-size, and they love themselves. They have integrity, they a[...]
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The Reality of Being a Step Mom

Being a step parent is one of the most emotionally taxing, heart breaking, bang-your-head-into-a-wall-no-one-cares-about-my-feelings kind of experiences, but at the same time it is also the most fulfilling, rewarding, magnificently beautiful thing you’ll ever experience.
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Organized Religion

Organized Religion
FUN FACT: GOING TO CHURCH MAKES YOU A CHRISTIAN JUST AS MUCH AS STANDING IN A GARAGE MAKES YOU A CAR. You can go to church every single Sunday and still be an absolutely terrible excuse for a human. I don’t care what religion you were raised in, God would NEVER condone judging other people, talking badly about them to others, and alienating[...]
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