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Water Canyon – Hildale, Utah

Water Canyon Utah

Water Canyon Trail, located just outside Hildale, Utah, is definitely one of Southern Utah’s hidden gems.

You’ll find a beautiful canyon, babbling streams, and the main attraction: a waterfall!

My favorite part of the entire hike is seeing the lush green trees and vegetation growing on the red sandstone. It reminded me a lot of Havasupai!

Trail Details

  • Trail name: Water Canyon Trail
  • Location: Hildale, Utah
  • Length: 3.3 miles round-trip (out and back, no loop)
  • Average hike time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Difficulty level: Moderate
>> For an awesome video preview of this hike, CLICK HERE! <<

Directions to Water Canyon Trailhead

  • Get on I-15 North
  • Take UT-9 E/W State St and UT-59 S to Utah Ave. in Hildale
  • Continue on Utah Ave.
  • Drive to Water Canyon Rd.
  • Park at the trailhead!

Water Canyon Trail is located about 1 hour from the St George, Utah area.

For easy turn-by-turn directions from your location, click here.

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

You’ll find restrooms at the Water Canyon trailhead and a map of the area with information.

Simply follow the trail!

You’ll see the foliage and beautiful canyons start to appear.

If you’re doing this hike during the hotter months, make sure you do this hike EARLY. It gets very hot!

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

This entire hike is picturesque and definitely Instagram-worthy.

They don’t call it “Water Canyon” for no reason! Keep an eye out for the right side of the trail (the canyon drop-off) to see the river running alongside it. 

Although this trail is fairly easy to follow, if you ever feel lost,  you can always follow the river to get back out at any time.

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

As you continue to hike, you’ll start to hear the water coming from the waterfall!

Keep in mind that the amount of actual water in Water Canyon depends heavily upon the amount of rain the area has received.

Flash flood warning (please read!):

ALWAYS check for rain in the forecast and NEVER enter a slot canyon during that time.

Local, as well as distant storms, can cause dangerous flash flooding in slot canyons and hikers should not enter them if there is any sign of rain in the surrounding area. In many slot canyons, it can be miles before a safe exit or rescue is possible. It’s not worth the risk for you or your family.

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

Aaaand on a less serious note:

As you approach the water area of this hike, you’ll notice that is less of a trail and more of a fun place to play around and explore.

Splish splash and all that jazz. Remember: it’s cold, my friend.

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

Simply follow the water!

Warning: this is spring water directly out of the mountain and it’s very very cold!

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

If you follow the water directly up to where it comes out of the mountain, you may see people drinking from it!

That’s right, you can drink the water!

IMPORTANT: it must be at the point the water comes directly comes out of the mountain to remain clean and healthy drinking water!

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

On our way out, we did some pretty intense rock scrambling and realized it was only going to get sketchier. This was a family hike with my brother and nieces, so we decided to head back and follow the regular trail out.

The views you see below are from that rock scramble!

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

If you’re considering this hike, stop considering and just do it! It’s a Southern Utah gem and you’ll absolutely love it.

Water Canyon Trail Utah
Water Canyon Trail Utah

Ready to turn this trail into a longer hike?

If you’re looking to extend this trail into a longer hike with additional views, you also have the option to do Water Canyon and Squirrel Creek Loop (8.9 miles), or White Domes via Water Canyon Trail (7.2 miles).

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  1. Such an amazing place! Never knew it existed! Incredible pictures as always!!