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Lower Sand Cove Reservoir, Gunlock

buddy sand cove res

At first glance, Lower Sand Cove Reservoir doesn’t seem very big, so you’d be surprised to hear that it is a great fishing spot, especially Bass fishing!

For me, I prefer to just go let my dog frolic and take my gun along sometimes. It’s a pretty area that leads to a ton of hiking areas as well including The Vortex.

The reservoir itself is a great place to go explore, camping, canoeing and maybe even a little swimming if you’re braver than the average bear. I personally wouldn’t recommend swimming in this reservoir.

It’s beautiful no matter what time of year you visit.

Black lab in water of Lower Sand Cove Reservoir near Gunlock, Utah

Because it’s not a very well-known spot in Southern Utah, you’re guaranteed to have fewer crowds than other areas, which is definitely a plus in my book!

Girl shooting pink gun at Lower Sand Cove Reservoir near Gunlock, Utah

Getting there:

Simply put, ” Lower Sand Cove Dam” in your GPS. This reservoir is located near Gunlock.

Map of St George area and location of Lower Sand Cove Reservoir near Gunlock, Utah

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  1. Awesome pictures as usual! Buddy is the cutest dog ever! There are so many places i have yet to hike. Thanks for sharing so many fun places! So nice to have this in our own backyard.

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