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Toquerville Falls


Toquerville Falls is a beautiful waterfall oasis in the desert. The road traveling to the falls is best and “easiest” by 4-wheel drive truck, SUV, or ATV. The road is always rough, but especially pretty bad if there has been any rain. While the ride is bumpy, it is well worth the trip.  

Just as beautiful as the clouds roll in……

……and clear back up. Because it’s Utah, and you can never really predict the weather.

Fun fact: Buddy can swim for hours. He’s like a fish outta wata.

And of course, he never leaves my side.


Directions: From I15, take exit 27 towards Toquerville/Hurricane which is in between St. George and Cedar City. After exit 27 about 3 miles take a left turn to Spring Dr, this road will lead you to the destination.

Google Maps can provide directions too, just put ‘Toquerville Falls’ (La Verkin, UT 84757) in the destination.


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  1. WOW!! I had no idea this place even existed! That is beautiful! Thanks for checking it out for those of us who “Don’t look far enough down the road”! Ü

  2. I had no idea these falls existed. The next time I travel to Utah, I’ll look them up. It looks like you had a lot of fun, and it looks like a great place to cool off. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, the falls are absolutely beautiful! I’m sure our dogs would love to explore that area – they are both water lovers lol

    1. It is a beautiful place! Great place for dogs, especially if they love water! Thanks for reading!

  4. Such a great place! Your pictures are always amazing! I also enjoy the ones of your family…fur babies included!

    1. Yay! Thanks so much for reading! Buddy loves the water as much as me!

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