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Top 10 Things To Do In Newport, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Newport Harbor, Sunset on the water with boats

This trip actually started as a business trip but ended with 2 days of exploring and experiencing all that Newport has to offer! I happened to also have a friend that lives there, so she was able to show me around!

So without further ado, I present to you…..

The top 10 things to do in Newport

(In no particular order)

#1. Newport Harbor & Bowen’s Warf

I stayed at the amazing Newport Marriot. It’s conveniently located directly across the street from Newport Harbor.

Simply put, Newport Harbor is beautiful! I loved sipping my morning coffee while looking out at the peaceful waters.

Bowen’s Warf

Known as “the anchor of Newport”, Bowen’s Warf is such a fun experience! There is dining, shopping, and even boat tours available!

We ate at The Lobster Bar. I had the Lobster Mac & cheese, with a glass of wine, and let me tell you something. It was AMAZING. You can see their delicious menu, here.

#2. Goat Island

Goat Island is a small island that is connected to the Easton’s Point neighborhood via the causeway bridge.

Goat Island is home to the Newport Harbor Light, residences, a restaurant, event space, and hotel – Gurney’s Newport Resort and Marina. This hotel was actually where our work conference was held that we attended, (Family Office & Private Wealth Management Forum) Hence my lovely lanyard that I’m wearing.

It was extremely windy and overcast, but the humidity there made it nice and warm!

view of the ocean on Goat island from the shore

I’ve always loved the foggy and overcast look over the water when I’m visiting an island. It has a mysterious and mystical feel to it.

Since I just told you about the amazing Goat Island, it’s only fitting to continue with one of my favorite things I did in Newport:

#3. Goat Yoga

Yes. You read that right. I don’t even care if yoga isn’t your thing. I don’t care if goats aren’t your thing. Do it. Even if it’s just to be able to say, “Remember that one time I did Goat Yoga in Rhode Island?” I remember. And it was awesome.

This amazing experience is available at the beautiful Simmons Farm in Middletown. The farm offers more than just Goat Yoga. They also have a farmer’s market and a petting zoo!

Girl having a sweet moment with a goat during goat yoga
I won’t apologize for having a moment with a goat.

For Goat Yoga, you pre-register online with a $5 deposit and pay the additional $20 in person. Best money I’ve ever spent.

The day I went, it was pouring rain. We aren’t talking, “Oh that sprinkle feels so good!” I mean pouring rain like a tsunami. Most people that came ended up leaving and getting a refund. Not this girl.

At one point, it was pouring so hard that those of us that were left had to bounce out. I ended up running down a farm hill with a flock of goats all around me. I have no regrets.

Running down a farm hill with goats during goat yoga

If hearing about this experience doesn’t get you excited, I can’t help you. It was amazing.

Girl holding goat with funny face

Of course, no trip to Rhode Island would be complete without seeing the amazing beaches. This particular beach includes a carousel, and since I’m really an overgrown child stuck in an adult body, this next one is one of my favorites.

#4. The Cliff Walk

What makes Cliff Walk unique is that it’s a National Recreation Trail in a National Historic District. The walk starts at the eastern end of Easton’s Beach at Memorial Boulevard.

Girl standing on top of the Cliff Walk sign near Easton's Beach

The walk runs 3.5 miles and about two-thirds of the walk is in easy walking condition.

As you walk further south you have to scramble from rock to rock, so I’d say proper shoes are a must, but I wore flip-flops, so what do I know. Apparently it’s known for having poison ivy as well, but that doesn’t stop an estimated quarter-million visitors every year.


Easton’s Beach, also known as First Beach, is located on Memorial Boulevard at the start of the Cliff Walk, is a 3/4 mile long surf beach with a boardwalk, and yes, a carousel.

Girl posing on beach in bikini

This is a very popular beach, so expect crowds when you go! For me personally, I don’t care about making an ass out of myself in public.

This is a very popular beach, so expect crowds when you go!

For me personally, I don’t care about making an ass out of myself in public.

I obviously love the beach,

but my favorite part of this experience was definitely the carousel.

This next one may also go back to me being a grown-ass child, but either way, it’s freaking awesome to see.

#6. Green Animals Topiary Garden

Green Animals is the oldest and most northern topiary garden in the United States. It’s an estate that combines formal topiaries, vegetable and herb gardens, orchards and a Victorian house overlooking Narragansett Bay.

Me being my usual very immature adult self, I found the only rocking horse on the property and went to town.

Girl riding wooden rocking horse in a lush garden
They see me ridin, they hatin…

Bottom line: it’s a beautiful, lush garden with very distinct and interesting cut-outs! Well worth seeing if you’re in the area!

#7. Ocean Drive

Who doesn’t love a beautiful scenic drive? Ocean drive is 10 miles of historical landmarks and stunning coastal views. You’ll see people riding their bikes, flying kites, fishing, and scuba diving.

Along with the scenic views, the main attractions along the route include:

King Park

statue at king park

Fort Adams State Park

fort adams

Hammersmith Farm

hammersmith farm
(President Kennedy’s wedding reception was held here in 1953)

Brenton Point State Park

Brenton Point State Park gives its visitors one of the most commanding and spectacular views on the East Coast.

Gooseberry Beach

gooseberry beach 1

The entire coastline drive is stunning. Even if you don’t stop anywhere, I highly recommend doing the drive!

#8. Weaver Cove Boat Ramp

This boat ramp located in Portsmouth tailors to larger boats and provides good access to the East Passage of Narragansett Bay, where it narrows down next to Prudence Island.

But most importantly, it serves as a great photo opportunity. You know, priorities and all.

#9 Newport mansions

In case you didn’t know, Newport is quite famous for its mansions. You can choose to do a tour, or be cheap like us, and drive around to see them instead. The downside to being cheap: you can’t see the inside of the mansions, obviously.

Some of the top mansions to visit are:

1. The Breakers Mansion

2. The elms Mansion

3. Marble House Mansion

4. Rosecliff Mansion

5. Rough Point Mansion

Click here for the mansion tour schedules.


wind mill RI

Boyd’s Eight-Vane Wind Grist Mill is one of the last two survivors of 20 windmills which once worked to supply the daily needs of Aquidneck Island. It is the only eight-vane smock mill ever built and operated in New England and one of the very few survivors in the United States.

You can see more info here.

wind mill

Shoutout to my friend who showed me around!

Girls posing together at the beach in Newport, Rhode Island

There’s so much to do in the Newport area, you honestly can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to do!

Have you been to Rhode Island?


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  1. The goats got me. I’m sold. How soon can I move here!?

    Great post, thank you for sharing 😀

    1. I want to move there, too! It’s such an awesome place! Thanks for reading!

  2. Your pictures are amazing! I’m not much of an animal lover so I would probably skip the goats (sorry)! But the weather looked perfect!!!

    1. Aw what’s not to love about animals? Haha the weather was amazing!

  3. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! It looks like an amazing place with such a variety of attractions. I’m desperate to do a US road trip and now I’m adding Newport, Rhode Island to the must-visit list!!

  4. Did you do these in a week span?
    I even seem as if you had more fun that what your expressing. I love the beach shots very relaxing to look at.

    1. I was in town for work for 4 days I think? I did all of this in 1 day, minus the goat yoga after meetings one night lol

  5. A fantastic and informative post! You have touched on so many unusual locations and experiences. I absolutely love your pictures, you always look like you’re have fun, smile on your face, pulling us into the opportunity. Thanks for sharing, excellent post, beautifully done.

    1. Thank you so so much for the sweet compliments and for taking the time to read! It means a lot to me ?

  6. The views from the cliff walk look absolutely stunning. And goat yoga? How much fun is that???? I don’t regularly do yoga but I think I would have to for that lol

    1. It’s so beautiful! And goat yoga is awesome! Thanks for reading ❤️