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I have to admit, Sioux Falls was never exactly on my list of places to visit. But, take it from me – sometimes unexpected trips are the best! Sioux Falls is definitely a hidden gem!

My favorite thing to do when I visit anywhere new – google the living hell out of anything and everything there is to do there, then do it. It’s not rocket science, but it works. If you’ve found me from google, congrats. I’ve done the work here for you.

top 5 things to do in Sioux Falls

(In no particular order!)

#1. Butterfly House and Aquarium

Stroll through a natural rainforest environment, take a trip to the bottom of the sea, and get hands-on with friendly sea creatures at the amazing butterfly house and aquarium. The Aquarium Gallery at the Butterfly House & Aquarium displays hundreds of different species of fishes and corals in over 10,000 gallons. The aquarium includes a sting-ray touch pool, a pacific tide pool, and a discovery den!

Butterfly House

Bonus points: they offer butterfly feeding! Didn’t know that was a thing? Neither did I. You’re welcome.

Simply rent your butterfly feeding equipment for $3 at the admissions counter for up-close-and-personal fun. They’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand! Literally.

For more info on the Butterfly House and Aquarium, click here.

#2. Cathedral of St Joseph

St Joseph Cathedral is a catholic cathedral and parish church, located in Sioux Falls. Since 1974 the cathedral has been a  contributing property in the Cathedral Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for beautiful architecture. This place does not dissappoint. It’s absolutely stunning!

To learn more about the Cathedral of St Joseph, click here.

#3. Falls Park

Falls Park is considered Sioux Falls number one attraction. The park covers 123 acres, with an average of 7,400 gallons of water dropping 100 feet over the course of the falls… each second!

There is a TON to do around the falls as well!

One of my favorite things about coming here (other than the falls, of course) was stopping in at Falls Overlook Cafe for some amazing ice cream.

For more info on Falls Park, including all the fun things to do nearby, visit: Falls Park, SD.

#4. Sioux Empire Fair

Ok, I can’t even tell you how freaking excited I am to share this one. Where I live, we can’t do fairs. No, really. Our “fairs” consist of endless MLM booths and a blow-up slide if we’re lucky. It’s just one big sad disappointment every time I attend a community event (sorry, not sorry St. George).

Sioux Falls, you got this one right. This fair is AMAZING, and it’s actually put on the way a real fair should be. The fair generally goes from July 31st – August 8th.

And let me just tell you – it’s awesome.

I don’t care who you are or where you’re from. If you don’t like funnel cake, we can’t be friends. I’m a Carbie Barbie and funnel cake is LIFE. 

They have a huge barn with animals (of course) and a petting area!

Ok, are you ready for the best part?

Bengal tiger

Yup. That’s a friggin Bengal Tiger.

Man and woman posing while feeding a Bengal tiger

….And that’s us doing a very awkward prom-pose while feeding a very hungry Bengal Tiger.

Listen. I didn’t pose myself, but I’m not mad at it. In fact, I laughed uncontrollably after seeing the image. Best $20.00 ever spent.

To see more about the amazing Sioux Empire Fair, click here.

#5. Where to stay in Sioux Falls, SD

I’ll tell you why this one makes the “top 5 things to DO in Sioux Falls”. This hotel has a freaking WATERPARK INSIDE OF IT.

That’s right. You can find this treasure at the

Ramada By Wyndham

You say WHY? I say why NOT?

Conveniently located off I-29, the Ramada by Wyndham Sioux Falls location is near Sioux Empire Fairgrounds and minutes away from Sioux Falls Airport (FSD). Sioux Falls Convention Center is across the street and historic downtown is only three miles from the hotel’s front doors.

Can’t beat the location and the amazing waterpark! For more info on this awesome hotel, visit The Ramada Sioux Falls.

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  • Davindra

    I’d never think to visit either but Falls Park looks amazing, and who can refuse icecream?

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-10-28 Davindra

      It’s such a fun place! And I never say no to ice cream!

  • erika

    You always visit the most interesting and amazing places! Love that tiger prom picture lol (:

    Erika Marie |

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-10-28 erika

      It’s so funny, right? Haha and thank you! I try to!

  • Nilakshi

    Wonderful pictures and great post! I love love love the butterflies and the aquarium! 😍 Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-10-28 Nilakshi

      Thank you for reading, Nilakshi!

  • Kenya

    I love the aquarium pictures ❤️ This is a beautiful post .

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-10-29 Kenya

      Thank you so much Kenya!

  • Lindsay

    I’ve never even heard of this place, and now you’ve made me want to visit! This all looks so beautiful and fun! Will definitely be adding it to my places to travel list (that seems to grow way faster than I can visit places lol)

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-10-29 Lindsay

      I actually went for work originally! I wouldn’t have known either! It’s so fun though, definitely put it on your list!

  • page

    i have always wanted to visit sioux falls and your trip looks absolutely amazing, love all the photos!

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-10-29 page

      Thank you! It’s such a fun place!

  • Michelle

    Those photos are amazing! This is the first time I hear of Sioux Falls and I’d definitely love to check it out some time.

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-10-30 Michelle

      It’s such a fun place to explore! Thanks for reading!

  • Britt

    Oh wow, the falls look absolutely stunning! Definitely a location that I need to see first hand!

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-11-09 Britt

      They are and you totally should! Thanks so much for reading!

  • Jenny

    Your pictures are stunning – I love the Cathedral and the waterfalls. And that tiger!

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-11-17 Jenny

      Aw thanks so much! It’s such a fun place!

  • Liz

    This was such great guide!! Such amazing photos of the falls!! Looks spectacular!!

    • Jessi Bang
      2019-12-16 Liz

      Thanks so much Liz! It’s such a fun place to visit!