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Shinobe Kibe Trail

Shinobe Kibe Trail Utah

Shinobe Kibe Trail is a little gem located in Washington, Utah. Guess what? Not only does this one hold amazing views, but there’s also a secret gem at the top!

Total hiking distance out and back is only 1.4 miles. But don’t let that “short hike” fool you. This trail is straight up a mountain side. Rest assured that the climb is well worth the amazing views.

Getting To Shinobe Kibe Trail

You can simply put “Paiute Dr. Washington, UT 84790” into your GPS. Drive until the road becomes dirt and you will see the dirt parking lot under the mountain.

Shinobe Kibe Trail
Shinobe Kibe Trail

The Hike

The path is very easy to see. Simply head straight up the mountain. It’s a real calf burner, so be prepared! As you climb higher, the path gets rockier and requires a bit of scrambling. I did see toddlers on this trail, so if they can do it in their crocks, so can you. I believe in you.

Shinobe Kibe Trail
Shinobe Kibe Trail

As you climb Shinobe Kibe Trail, the views of the city will continue to get better and better. I promise you the view from the top is well worth the workout!

Shinobe Kibe Trail
Shinobe Kibe Trail

It's hot. Desert hot.

Also keep in mind that like most Southern Utah hikes, there is zero shade. Don’t do this in the dead heat of the summer, wear clothing that will keep you cool, and bring lots of water! I happened to hike it on a day where the sun was hidden back and forth behind the clouds, so it was perfect.

Views from Shinobe Kibe Trail Utah
Views from Shinobe Kibe Trail Utah

To change your attitude you gotta change your altitude

Because you are climbing almost completely straight up a mountain, there’s also an elevation gain. As if the calf burn isn’t enough, you’ll find yourself huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

Utah hiking view
Utah hiking views

The 360 views keep getting better. I also said, “Here’s to looking at you, kid”, right before this photo was taken. It’s cheesy, I know, but I assume that most of you are tired of seeing my back in every image. Turns out I have a front side, too. Who knew.

Shinobe Kibe Trail girl hiking
hiking Shinobe Kibe Trail
Ready for the surprise?

Drum roll please….

Aviation Arrow St George, UTAH

There’s an old aviation arrow!

This dates back to the world’s first ground-based civilian navigation system. A series of lighted beacons every ten miles. Pilots would pass a 70-foot concrete arrow on the ground which was painted a bright yellow. There’s actually quite a few across Utah, but this was my first time seeing it. Pretty cool!

There’s also a book at the top you can sign located in an old metal ammo box with pens inside. This book is currently full of pandemic and coronavirus memes and statements written by hikers.

Yes, I laughed. No, I won’t apologize.

book to sign at Shinobe Kibe Trail
book to sign at Shinobe Kibe Trail

…but I told you the views were worth it! Gorgeous 360 views of the city in every direction that’s hard to beat.

views from Shinobe Kibe Trail
views from Shinobe Kibe Trail

Just beware of the wind so you don’t fall off the mountain and die.

That was harsh.

I’m a realist. 

Shinobe Kibe Trail

If you go check out this amazing hike to Shinobe Kibe Trail, let me know what you think!

Hope you are all staying safe and SANE! Remember to get outside as much as possible (if you can) for some fresh air therapy! Nothing beats social distancing in nature.

Happy trails!

Shinobe Kibe Trail

Hiked it, liked it. Looking for some more awesome Southern Utah hikes? Click here!

Not sure where to start? I recommend Yant Flat! You won’t regret it.


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  1. I always enjoy your posts! You always find the best trails to hike! Your pictures are incredible and I enjoy all your funny comments! You make me laugh! Keep on hiking and I’ll keep on reading!

  2. This was such an enjoyable read! You look like you have so much fun in the pictures too, wish I was fit enough to go hike! I’d probably struggle to find a decent place to do it in England though lol. Happy hiking ?

    1. Ohhh I’d love to go try and find some hiking in England! haha! Thanks so much for taking the time to read, Rachael!

  3. I love this! My husband and I are always looking for new places to hike and travel because we can’t do just one. Those pics are really amazing. I haven’t ever seen one of those markers myself, so it does make for an interesting story. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I didn’t even know they existed until I found this hike, actually. Tells you how much I know, haha!

  4. Excellent photos as always! Your hikes are always inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Cool aviation arrow!

  5. Gorgeous views! This looks like a fun hike. And the aviation arrow is awesome. Thanks for sharing your outing.

  6. Oh wow, the views are stunning! I have to say, I would spend FAR too long reading through the book and laughing – especially after reading the comment about it being the ‘COVID book’ lol

    1. Haha it was highly entertaining! Thanks for taking the time to read! ❤️