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Red Reef Trail


This place holds an extra special place in my heart and I’ll tell you why later!

This is actually one of the first hikes I did after moving to St. George. Red Reef Trail is in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, at Red Cliffs Campground. This area has so many hikes!! I especially love this one because it is a short, 2.2-mile round trip, easy hike with awesome views and things to discover. And there’s WATER! I love hiking to water. Especially in the desert.

This is in a fee area, costing $5 per car. Restrooms and water are available at the campground where you park prior to hiking. The trail is well marked. The BLM has also posted signs that identify different plants along the route.

This hike is super easy and family/dog friendly. Due to the trees there is actually some shade, however, keep in mind that it can get insanely hot. Make sure you bring lots of water.

Once you reach the waterfall, that is considered the end of the official trail, HOWEVER, don’t stop there! There’s always more room for exploring.

There are steps going up the sandstone with a rope to assist you in climbing up over the falls. It’s so easy, a man carrying a dog can do it.

Yeah, that happened.

I have read other places that you can jump off the falls into the water.

Listen, I’m usually all about doing sketchy things, but it’s a no from me. Full disclosure: I allow my dog to swim in it, but I would never ever touch that water with my flesh. It’s a stale pond and cesspool.

But what do I know? If you’re feelin’ froggy then jump.

On second thought……just kidding, make sure it’s deep enough first.

Ok, ok. Let me tell you why I really love this place so much. Aside from the fact that it’s fun and beautiful….


Funny story: My (now) husband yelled at me to slow down and said, “Let’s sit on this bench and take a break for a second.” He then got down on one knee and….

Dropped the ring into the sand. True story.

Anway I said yes and we lived happily ever after and stuff.

Do the hike.

Location: Trail head is near campsite #2 in the Red Cliffs Campground

Red Reef Trailhead Coordinates : (37.2242, -113.406)
Waterfall Coordinates: (37.228911, -113.412131)


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  1. Wow! What a great post! Beautiful pictures! I was so nervous when you husband was carrying your dog up that mountain! YIKE! That was a nail biter! HAHA!! So glad they both made it safe and sound! Ü AND what a gorgeous place to get engaged! Fun memories!

    1. Daimen has done many things for Buddy on hikes. When it gets too hot, he carries him to! Ha! Thanks so much for reading!

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