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Ranger Bart Trail, Utah

Ranger Bart Trail Utah

Ranger Bart Trail, located in the beautiful Southern Utah area, is an amazing place to explore, on and off the trail. This trail features stunning views of the Virgin River, the city of St George, and surrounding areas!

Trail Location

The easiest way to get here is to simply put “Anderson trailhead, St. George, UT 84790” in your GPS. This will take you directly to the Ranger Bart trailhead.You’ll hit a golf course, drive along the side, and hit the dirt parking lot. The trail is easily seen from the parking area. You’ll be hiking on an old ATV dirt road.

Ranger Bart Trail
Ranger Bart Trail

This entire hike is full of side trails that will have you wandering. I also love hiking during this time of year (spring time) when things start blooming. By things, I mean cactus. It is the desert.

Ranger Bart Trail
Ranger Bart Trail

The Virgin River

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to veer off the trail. The Virgin River is gorgeous! Totally worth the side hike to check it out every chance you get.

ranger bart trail
ranger bart trail

And, of course, it makes for some awesome photo opportunities. Don’t mind me, just zenning out in my happy place.

Outside is the best side.

ranger bart trail

Get ready for some views

As you keep trucking along on the dirt road, you’ll see a trail that leads up a mountain. You’ll want to veer right to head up it. My favorite thing about Ranger Bart Trail, is that you can make your own paths at anytime and see somerhing new. The views at the top of this mountain are well worth the climb!

Reminder: It is VERY hot in the desert, so I wouldn’t do this in the summer! Bring lots of water and sun screen.

ranger bart trail
ranger bart trail

You’ll get 360-views of the surrounding areas, including the virgin river! It’s awesome.

ranger bart trail views
ranger bart trail views

Warning: it’s the top of a mountain. So naturally, it’s windy. Watch yo self.

girl hiking utah
ranger bart trail

Of course I had to take a moment to plank. And also do some mountain-top push-ups. Because science.

girl hiking ranger bart
girl hiking ranger bart

You’ll get views literally in every direction! 

After heading back down the mountain, I made more of my own paths off the regular trail to explore the surrounding area.

ranger bart trail virgin river
ranger bart trail virgin river

Okay, okay, back to the trail. According to all-trails you just keep following it and it continues. Let me tell you, that’s a lie. The trail stops about a mile past this horseshoe-bend-style area at another point of the Virgin River. The only way to keep going is to go through the river (DON’T DO THAT) or bushwhack your way through very thick and very pokey bushes. (I wouldn’t do that either, unless you regularly hike with a machete, then you do you, boo boo.)

girl next to virgin river
trail utah

Since we couldn’t see a way to continue the trail, we turned back and explored a bit more on some side trails. You can’t really go wrong wherever you choose to venture off to in this area. The scenery is beautiful.

views of utah trail
views of utah trail

Rattle snakes

Warning: depending on the time of year you go, watch out for snakes! This is nature, people. Snakes are real. This applies to all the trails here in Southern Utah, not just Ranger Bart Trail.

We came across this baby rattlesnake that was (thankfully) dead already. A special thank you to whoever morbidly smashed it with a rock prior to us stumbling across it. You the real M.V.P.

rattle snake
trail utah

If you’re in the St George area, be sure to check out this hike! Ranger Bart is awesome. To see more awesome hikes in the area, click here.

And of course, hit me up so I can show you around!

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10 Responses

  1. Looks like a fun hike!! Except for the rattlesnakes! ? But yes, we do live in the desert! I love it here! Love all the trails you find for us to hike! I appreciate all your posts and the time and effort you put in to doing it! You also make me laugh with your comments!

    1. You need to do this one! And thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate your support ❤️

  2. I’d love to visit Utah one day. One of my favourite photographers lives there and so I already have an awareness of its beauty. By the way, these photos are fantastic!

    1. Thanks so much! You should definitely come visit! Let me know if you do, I’d love to show you around ?

  3. This is such a beautiful view! Honestly, getting outside and embracing the natural world has been the biggest source of sanity in my life right now… Albeit, I don’t have any places quite like that here close by. I can’t wait until life starts to return to ‘normal’ enough that I can travel to some of my favourite hiking spots once again.

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