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Pig Island, Bahamas

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I stumbled across an article someone shared on Facebook about swimming with pigs in the Bahamas. A video with people laughing, the sun shining, the turquoise water glistening, and you guessed it – pigs. Pig Island, Bahamas!

I lost my freaking mind.

My husband’s first reaction was “Uh….how about I just get you a kiddie pool and throw a pig in it.” Because, you know, we live in Utah, where the pigs are prevalent but the oceans are missing.

Naturally, when I set my mind to travel based on some totally random and specific thing, you can’t change it. So I planned it and off we went.

My tour guide Recommendation: Da salty pig

da salty pig adventures

I cannot recommend this tour guide company enough. I obviously booked this with the intention of experiencing Pig Island, but oh boy let me tell you, I got far more than I could’ve even asked for.

This adventure is located in Spanish Wells. If you stay in Nassau as we did, you’ll take a passenger ferry to the island of Spanish Wells in Eleuthera. The ride is just over two hours but has air conditioning along with drinks and snacks available for purchase. I have to tell you the ride back after being in the sun all day felt like I was on that boat for 12 hours, but alas, I digress, because it was more than worth it.

After you arrive in Spanish Wells, you’ll meet your tour guide and hop on the speedboat. Heads up: it’s called a speedboat for a reason. This sucker is fast. So, ladies, if you did your hair, you wasted your time. You’ll look like a crazy hot mess before this day is over.

You’ll get to pull LIVE Starfish out of the water!

After a little more cruising, your tour guide will stop the boat, bang on the side of it, and the turtles will start swimming to you!

You know you’re overly obsessed with animals when you literally get so happy and excited you start crying. Yup, I just admitted that. I have no shame.

Our tour guide took a bunch of photos and videos on his phone and sent them to us, for free!

You’ll then stop back in Spanish Wells for lunch at The Shipyard. Lunch and one drink are included with your excursion. I highly recommend their fresh Lobster Salad Sandwich! YUM!

As if all of that wasn’t the most amazing experience of your life already, you’ll then head to the main attraction: Pig Island, Bahamas.

pig Island, Eleuthera

I’d like to forewarn you: these pigs are FIESTY. They are used to tourists feeding them, however, that means that if you have food in your hand, they will charge at you full speed. Aaaand they bite if you aren’t careful.

And just when you think your life can’t get any better, you’ll get to experience Sand Dollar Beach on your way back to the port. This hidden beach is only visible when the tide goes down.

You’ll feel the wind rustling through your hair as you step off the boat into the sparkling water.

Ok, maybe that sounds like a line out of a romance novel. When I say rustling, I really mean it will feel like you got sucked into a hurricane unknowingly, while your hair slaps you in the face as if you were standing underneath a helicopter. But the first version painted a more tranquil picture, so we’ll go with that one.

The untouched golden sand covers the floor as far as your eyes can see. The turquoise water expands out into the horizon. As the tide rolls out, you’ll see sand dollars peeking out from the white sand. It’s an absolutely unreal experience.

sand dollar beach bahamas

On top of the absolutely unforgettable experience, your tour guide will also take tons of pictures and videos on his phone and send them to you…. for FREE. Yes, my friends, most things (especially on vacation) are never free, but in this case, these guys definitely go above and beyond to make your experience amazing. Of course, don’t be THAT person. Give them a damn tip you cheap ass.

For me, this was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done in my entire LIFE and I cannot wait to go back!

Click here for tour information!


7 Responses

  1. Those pigs are so cute! I’ll have to go there one day and see them. They look super happy and at ease as well with all the attention. I love your blog name by the way.

    1. It’s such a cool experience! They are happy but they are also very feisty when they see food! And thank you!

  2. This is the cutest thing in the world. I love pigs! I’ll certainly have to make a point of taking a trip to the Bahamas some day.
    Thank you for sharing and making my day a little brighter with piggies!

    1. You should definitely go!! It’s so amazing! I’m glad I brightened your day!

  3. Looks so fun! Especially feeding sea turtles and swimming with pigs! What an incredible vacation! I wasn’t aware you could have that kind of vacation! Thanks for posting!