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Mystic Hot Springs

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Ok, disclaimer. Mystic Hot Springs is not technically in Southern Utah. It’s actually considered central.

Ask me if I care. This place is way too awesome not to mention.

Entrance to the hot springs

This hippie hot springs is something straight out of a movie. Perfect for a girl’s trip, romantic getaway, solo mission to find yourself, and everything else in between.

Flowing at 200 gallons per minute and a consistent 168 degrees, you can visit in the dead heat of the summer for a warm night soak, or stay nice and toasty when it’s a white-out blizzard outside. You really can’t go wrong.  

You can either pay for a soaking pass for $15 a person, which is valid for 6 hours after check-in, or if you stay the night, soaking is included for free! Mystic Hot Springs is also open 24 hours.

Along with the obvious hot spring’s attraction, the accommodations are what really drew me in. You have the option of simply booking a campsite or RV site (see those options here)

OR…you can rent out cabins that date back to the 1800’s, all of which are being restored using all recycled materials (I said hippy, right? And it’s awesome)

Click here for cabin rentals

They also have The Gypsy Wagon for nightly rentals – it’s a furnished covered wagon!

It keeps getting better and better, right? Just wait…

The most amazing hippy accommodations? Renting out an old converted school bus! Yes, you read that right. I stumbled across them on Airbnb and about lost my freaking mind. This is Mystic Hot Spring’s version of Shake Down Street! Featuring Grateful Dead names for the buses such as “Ripple” and “The Other One”, you’ll be sure to love it no matter which one you choose.

The common bathroom building is a short walk away from the buses and has showers. They also offered simple things like a coffee maker, which was nice! We stayed in the (red) Althea Bus!

They each have their own unique decor, along with at least one comfortable bed, electricity, fan, and heater. It was freezing cold when we went so the heater literally saved us. Especially after getting out of the hot springs into the chilly air.

There are LED lights strung up in the bus. It’s adorable at night!

They have guest books inside! My friend visited and happened to stay in the same van as us, so he sent me a photo of my entry!

You can find this stud on Instagram: @lifestylebyrico and yes ladies, he’s single.

You can check out the awesome buses here

The trails to the springs source are open for visitors to view, but do not attempt to touch the water at the source for obvious reasons……(uh, it’s hot.)

There are 2 large pools. The main pool is quite large and can fit large groups comfortably.

There are 5 bathtubs at Mystic Falls. They are set up with 3 tubs in one area and 2 in another. These are your average bathtub sizes, designed for a single soaker.

The mineral deposits from the water have built up amazing rock formations all over the grounds that create a cascade of water to the large pools, tubs and ponds.

“Single” soaking tubs. Or double, if you’re us. We live life dangerously.

Selfie timers work…after 10 tries.

They also have 3 stages on the property! What does that mean? CONCERTS. The acoustic stage allows for you to listen to the amazing live music while soaking in the springs. I mean, what!?

You can check out their upcoming concerts here and info about their music festival here

If you’re staying the night bring food to BBQ. They have BBQ’s everywhere. We did a BBQ’at night then went into the adorable town of Monroe to get breakfast the next morning.

I recommend Frontier Village! Super small-town, fresh home cooking. Our waitress was amazing and told us all about the history of the restaurant and it was full of locals getting their morning coffee.

Whether you go for the day or spend the night (I recommend the latter) this is an amazing experience you’ll never regret!

Location: 475 E 100 N, Monroe, Utah.

Easily find directions by typing “Mystic Hot Springs of Monroe” in google maps.

Mystic Hot Springs Official Website