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Kolob Reservoir

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Kolob Reservoir is a 250-acre reservoir that sits above 8,000 feet and is surrounded by aspens and evergreens. It is a great place to fish, tube, swim, or just put up a hammock and chill!

You can definitely camp here, but there are no designated campsites, which is usually the best way to do it! The reservoir is surrounded by private land, so camping is only allowed near the lake. Place your tent out by the water and enjoy it! You can also find many dirt roads that allow for camping with a trailer or RV.

Ever heard the cliche saying that it’s the destination, not the journey? It’s half true here. Meaning both are awesome. The drive up to Kolob Reservoir is beautiful! There are two entrances to Kolob: one is through the town of Virgin and the other is near Cedar City. These photos were taken going the Virgin route! I recommend this route because you actually get views of the backside of Zion National Park! Kolob Terrace Road, also known as Kolob Reservoir Road, is the least traveled of the main roads through Zion National Park and provides an easy way to quickly reach the wilderness and escape the crowds that can affect the more well-known areas.

Tubing is such a blast! I actually got these awesome tubes off of Amazon for a KILLER deal. I originally bought them to do the Zion River Float, but they also double as a lazy river (or lake) experience! You can see the tubes on Amazon here!

Nothing beats a little Vitamin D and relaxation. Buddy LOVES to swim, so he’s right in his element. The water is nice and cool against the outdoor heat in the summer, so It’s a great way for dogs to get some exercise without getting overheated!

Man playing fetch with dog in water at Kolob Reservoir

And as if this place wasn’t awesome enough already, there is also a ton of hiking around the lake with aspen trees! Perfect place to relax and explore!

Aspen trees at Kolob Reservoir

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  1. Your travel adventures always look like so much fun. Thanks for sharing your tubing experience. The scenery around Virgin looked gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! Southern Utah is full of amazing scenery and hidden gems!

    1. Camping is free and available on a first come first served basis, so I think as long as you find a place to park it, you could RV camp!

  2. It looks like a beautiful place. You had mentioned that you can camp right along the water. Are there ever challenges with mosquitos, because it is right on the water?

    1. It really depends on the time of year! I haven’t experienced any issues with mosquitos but it’s definitely a possibility!