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Jones Bones Trail, Utah

jones bones trail

Jones Bones Trail is a bit of a mystery to me, if I’m being honest. Keep reading to find out why!

(Spoiler alert: it includes a dead body)

Yes, a dead body. If that isn’t enough to keep you reading, I’m not sure what is.

This hike is rated as moderate – difficult depending on your scampering skills. With a round-trip distance of 3.4 miles, you’ll experience amazing sandstone formations and lots of elevation gain, which equals breathtaking views!

> > >  GETTING THERE  > > > 

The entrance to Jones Bones trailhead is located directly across the street from the back entrance to Snow Canyon State Park.

You can either park in the paved parking lot on the left, or at the dirt clearing right next to the Jones Bones Trailhead on the right.

Keep in mind that if you park at the park entrance, you’ll have to cross SR-18, which is a busy road with fast-moving vehicles. That’s some frogger-style risk and I don’t recommend it. 

Jones Bones Trailhead Map

Keep in mind that there are NO trailhead signs indicating you’re even at a trail, but you are. Follow the path straight, then curve to the left towards the white sandstone. You can see the path we took (recorded on our way back) here:

jones bones trail map


The main thing you want to focus on is going left – then up and over all the sandstone. There is a makeshift path, but as long as you know which direction you’re heading, you just continue up.

jones bones trail
dog on jones bones trail

As you wind your way along the path, you’ll get better and better views of Snow Canyon State Park in the distance. There’s also lots of neat rock formations, including volcanic rock.

snow canyon views
jones bones trail cindercone balls

The mixture between the white, yellow, orange, and red sandstone is what really makes this hike unique.

jones bones trail
jones bones trail

The views are some of the best things about this hike. But don’t worry – I’ll get to the dead body, my friends.

It’s coming. Don’t you even worry.

girls at view of Snow Canyon State Park
rock formations Utah

Your main goal is to get to the private property entrance. 

(Don’t judge me, it’s just a part of the trail.) 

You’ll enter though this fence, hike for about 15 minutes, then find another gate to exit the private property and continue your journey to the dead body.

private property entrance
private property exit

You’ll follow the trail until you reach your final destination: yes, you remember – the dead body.

Have I said “dead body” enough yet? Well folks, we’re almost there. Hold your britches.

path to jones bones
path to jonesbones

gave up the ghost, kicked the bucket, he dead.

WARNING: This post may be sensitive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

➜ I’m kidding. Keep reading.

Jones Bones Trail

Here you have it, folks. Jones Bones himself.

Are you a bit disappointed? My bad. I mean it IS a body. Sort of. 

In my defense, there are real bones mixed in there. They appear to be animal bones? At least I hope they are. It’s all a mystery. 

What’s even more shocking is the fact that no one has stolen those sick stunna shades or Nike kicks. Either there’s still good people out there, or no one ever comes up to this trail. 

Either way, sweet getup my pretend-dead friend.

girls next to jones bones
girls smelling jones bones

Up close, you can clearly see that the skull is plastic. Maybe I should’ve left it and pretended that people just morbidly dress up a real dead body. But alas, here we are.

jones bones in sunglasses closeup
jones bones

I can’t decide which is better – the dead body, or the views. Either way, I’m not complaining.

girl views on jones bones trail
views on jones bones trail

I personally found Jones Bones highly entertaining and I’m glad I went!

What do you think about this hike? Was the “dead body” just click-bate and a let-down, or do you want to go see it for yourself? 

Tell me in the comments!



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    1. You absolutely should! Let me know if you come to the area! I’d love to show you around!

  1. I realize you have enjoyed your hike to Jones Bones a lot. The photos are awesome!!!