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Hell Hole Canyon – Kayenta

Photo May 19 1 45 12 PM

Distance: roughly 3.4 miles roundtrip.

This trail is best done after a heavy rainfall, or even in the rain! Sadly, I am yet to see the actual waterfalls cascading off the side of the red mountains on this trail, and that makes me sad. The last time I went, we apparently didn’t get enough rain! If you catch it at the right time, I’ve heard it’s stunning!

I would not hike this trail in high temperatures. There is no shade and it gets hot really fast. Overall it is a gorgeous trail. Lined with beautiful wild flowers and blossoming cactuses (season permitting) laid out right underneath the breathtaking red mountains.


The trail begins on the private, Kayenta development property in northwest Ivins next to a signed pull-off along Taviawk Drive. You can see on the map below where Taviawk Dr intersects with the wash leading to Hellhole. Park on the side of the road and begin following the trail.


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    1. Yes you should go! We also lost our drone in there so if you happen to find it that would be awesome! Haha

    1. Who knows how they come up with their names lol It is a beautiful place!

  1. I can only imagine how beautiful it would look with waterfalls! If I was close enough that I could plan a last-minute trip easily, I would probably go out of my way to watch for a heavy rain just to have the opportunity to see that