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HeadzUP Las Vegas Trick Art Museum

headzup las vegas

It’s no secret there is a TON to do in Las Vegas. Being a resident of Vegas for over 4 years and living there not only once, but twice, you tend to stumble across some of the less-touristy and more creative things to do. …Like HeadzUP Las Vegas.

So what is it?

The HeadzUP 3D Trick Art Museum is a collaboration of over seven different artists from all over the world, each bringing their own style and technique to every piece in the museum. It’s no doubt these artists are extremely talented.

With over 60 murals, covering roughly 28,000 square feet, guests are able to spend several hours exploring a new story around every corner. This museum and experience are also fairly new – making its debut in 2017. I didn’t actually visit it until after I had already moved away from Sin City.

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Where is it?


HeadzUP is actually located inside the Boulevard Mall, just minutes from the strip. Take it from a local – you won’t shop at Boulevard on purpose. There are many better malls located throughout Vegas. A lot of stores have closed in this mall and it’s not located in the best area. Buttttt… it’s totally worth it to visit this museum!

Different than most Vegas Attractions

Unlike many Vegas experiences, HeadzUp ticket holders may take as many pictures as they’d like and freely interact with every painting and each illusion. You don’t have to pay anyone to take your photos and you’re free to explore on your own.

…And push your significant other or friend off a ledge legally.

There are still guides available to help you during your visit. They’ll take a photo of you with your camera if you’d like as well.

They gave us some pointers on where to stand to get the best shots!

Getting tickets

The great news is that you can usually find discounted tickets for HeadzUP on Groupon. Regularly priced tickets run $24.95 per adult and $12.95 per child. Typical tourist prices, but in my opinion – totally worth it!

girl walking up stairs trick art

There’s more

Outside of the awesome trick art museum, HeadzUP also offers Escape Rooms, Ax Throwing, Archery Tag, and the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame.

There’s something for everyone!


Ready to book your tickets?

You can book them here!

✩ If you’re traveling to the Las Vegas area, hop over to the gorgeous Southern Utah area to hike and see some spectacular views! ✩

Only 1.5 hours away, it’s well worth the drive. For all the hiking options in Southern Utah, click here!


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  1. Fun find! I’m guessing you can spend a lot of time there experimenting with shots. My kids would love this. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Yes! They would love it! Thanks for checking out the article Ana!

    1. There is a lot to do for sure! If you ever make it to Vegas, come hike with me in Southern Utah!

  2. I NEED to take the kids here – we live here and have never been, how ridiculous, right?? Thanks for your post – I am adding it to my list!!

  3. It’s not worth it. Again another attraction found in Vegas that does nothing but gouge the pockets of individuals and families. This Las Vegas attraction should be reasonable so you can come back with your family many times of the year and enjoy. Instead they overcharge for their attraction. Save your money. It’s just not worth it. A single father or mother with two kids. It will cost them $50. That is insane.

    1. I do agree that many Las Vegas attractions are expensive. As for me personally, I really enjoyed it and thought it was worth the money! I’m also very easily entertained and love photo opportunities!

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