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Chuckwalla Trail and loop

chuckwalla trail

This popular 3½ mile loop consists of the Chuckwalla Trail, Turtle Wall, Paradise Rim, and Halfway Wash trails.

Chuckwalla Climbing Wall

When you first enter the trailhead, you will see the Chuckwalla climbing wall, which is a popular rock-climbing destination for locals. You can’t miss it, and it’s pretty cool to see the rock climbers that frequent there!

How to get there

The Chuckwalla trail is accessed directly from the Chuckwalla trailhead off of State Route 18, north of Snow Canyon Parkway. 

The Chuckwalla trail serves as a major connector to the Turtle Wall, Beck Hill, Halfway Wash, and Paradise Rim trails in Paradise Canyon and as an initial route to reach the Gila and Scout Cave trails from the south. In other words, you can find numerous hikes that start at the same trailhead.

Trail Distance

Chuckwalla Trail: 1.7 miles, Halfway Wash: 3 miles, Paradise Rim: 3.6 miles, and Turtle wall: about 3.8 miles roundtrip.

Easily follow the main trail, this will take you to Turtle Wall.

Dog Chuckwalla Trail
chuckwalla trail overlook of ivins
Lots of beautiful views of Ivins, Santa Clara, and the red mountains

Bonus: this trail is both family-friendly and dog-friendly! Be mindful that in the summer months, this is a very hot hike. There is no shade. Make sure to bring lots of water!

chuckwalla trail
Chuckwalla Trail
chuckwalla trail ivins utah

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  1. Quite an adventure! Wanna visit some day. Love the pictures a lot. And thanks for giving details of the location, great post!

    1. Thanks for reading! If you ever come to Utah, let me know! I’d love to show you around! ❤️

    1. Haha too much hiking? You can always do parts of hikes, too! There’s plenty where I have been like, “that’s enough let’s head back” ?

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