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Cascade Falls, Cedar Mountain

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Cascade Falls is a 1.2-mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located on Cedar Mountain near Navajo Lake, Utah.

Every single part of this hike is stunning!

This hike features a waterfall, beautiful mountain views, and is rated as moderate. In my opinion, it should be rated easy. (Because it is.) The trail also provides great views out over Kolob Terrace and Zion National Park!

getting there

The trailhead is located along Forest Road 054. From Hwy 14 on Cedar Mountain, take the Navajo Lake Road and then turn east onto Route 054. You’ll see signs along the route leading you to the trailhead.

Trailhead Coordinates:  (37.497309, -112.75165)

The trail starts out on the right side of the parking lot and follows along the edge of the canyon. The views are spectacular along the trail!

view of the trail, cascade falls, cedar mountain

There are steps and cliff overhangs throughout the trail.

discovering the falls

As you come around the corner, you’ll see (and hear) the falls off in the distance.

Mountain views with waterfalls in the distance

The trail ends at an overlook that provides a view of the falls.

but wait, there’s more!

In order to see a close-up of the falls, you have to climb down a pretty sketchy cliff edge. Keep in mind that I was wearing boots mostly meant for appearances and NOT hiking shoes. It was very slick and I almost ate it about 100 times, but it was worth it.

(You can see where the trail ends at the overlook in the top right-hand corner)

How it got there

The water that flows over the falls is supplied by Navajo Lake through an underground lava tube or sinkhole. The water flows a couple of miles underground through the tube before exiting at the Virgin River Rim.

Cascade Falls is a very easy hike, with a beautiful ending! The entire area around Cedar Mountain is absolutely gorgeous.

Bonus: Fall colors

Just on the other side of where this hike is located, we hit all the beautiful fall colors as well! I sure love this time of year. Even if my desert blood starts freezing.

shadow came out to play

We flew the drone up and got some shots on our way out as well! Yes, our drone’s name is Shadow. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel to see it!

Drone flying in the sky in the mountains above pine trees with fall colors

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