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5 Reasons Why Best Friends Are The Best

best friends are the best

We all have that one person in our lives that’s been around so long that it feels like there’s never been a time they weren’t there.

While it’s great to feel that connection and find our best friend in our significant other, there’s a huge difference between having your partner as your best friend and having an outside best friend we have known even longer.

You're my person

Let me explain

You can call your best friend and complain about your significant other (listen, we all do it). Or, you can call your significant other and complain about them, to them. The latter probably wouldn’t go as well.

I personally am grateful to have more than one best friend, including my mom!

This is why best friends are truly the best:

1. They don't care if you're an askhole

A true best friend will see you through the best times and the worst times. They’ll be there through more break-ups and make-ups than you could even count if you wanted to. The best thing about a best friend, is that they will listen, offer advice, and even if you don’t take it, they’ll still be there. 

Let’s be honest. We’re all ask-holes. We ask for advice, then we don’t take it. There’s not a person on the planet that hasn’t done that at one time or another. But you know that no matter what decision you make, in the end, they will be there when it’s over. Even if you were wrong. 

Best Friends

2. Miles won't break you

It doesn’t matter if you live 2 miles away or 20,000. You and your best friend will talk almost every day. You’ll know what’s going on in their lives and they’ll know what’s going on in yours. You don’t have to see each other every day to know that they are there whenever you need them. They’re only one call away.

Speaking of…

3. You still call each other

In a world full of ignoring calls and only texting, you still talk on the phone. For hours. Sometimes about life’s hardships and sometimes about nothing at all. When my best friend doesn’t answer, it usually goes something like this: 

best friends

4. You celebrate all your wins together

No one celebrates wins better than your best friend. They know the work you’ve put in to get there. They know what’s important in your life and they know how much you deserve to celebrate.

They’re the first person you call when anything awesome happens. Sure, it should probably be you significant other. They’re second. We don’t judge here.

5. No matter how many times you disagree or fight, your relationship won't end

We all know that relationships come and go. We also know that most won’t last. In fact, the average relationship only lasts 2 years and 9 months. (Thanks google.)

In fact, according to recent data from, as many as 50 percent of marriages in the United States eventually end in divorce and breakups are even more frequent among unmarried couples.

that escalated quickly

That turned dark real quick. All I’m saying is that you and your best friend can fight. But you know that no matter what is said or done, it’s always fixable and you will always come back together.

That’s rare. Even if you are both stubborn and don’t talk for awhile, someone will always back down and apologize. You both know you won’t go long without each other.

Because that’s your person.

Who's Your Person?

Tell me in the comments and share with your best friend!


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  1. You are so right about best friends! I am grateful for best friends, including my youngest daughter. That would be you!! ? Best friends know everything about you and love you just the same. They accept you as you are and don’t try to change you. They accept all your insecurities, weird quirks, and off the wall comments. I love that best friends are supportive and loyal. You can talk about anything and everything & know it goes no further. Laughter, fun, making memories..that’s the best.

    1. So true! Thank you for being the longest best friend ever! Love you so much!

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