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Belly of the Dragon

Belly of the Dragon

Where is Belly of the Dragon?

Belly of the Dragon is located only 16 short miles from the beautiful Kanab, Utah area, and only 20 miles east of Zion National Park.

This place is definitely one for the books. Easy to get to and breathtaking to see, people of all ages can take this short walk to see this epic view.

Chances are, if you’ve been to the Kanab area, you probably drove right over it and didn’t even know!


Belly of the Dragon is a cave-like tunnel that is actually man-made!

It was originally created to divert water under HWY89, but over time, drainage from upper canyon water flow has carved the walls and created a picturesque rippling tunnel of sandstone, now known as Belly of the Dragon.

Side note that has no real importance: if Jessi were to rename Belly of the Dragon, it would be “Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders”.



“It is I….”

Nevermind. I digress.


Getting to Belly of the Dragon

For easy driving directions to the dirt parking area, click HERE.

Belly of the Dragon Map

It’s a super easy and quick walk along a dirt trail from the parking lot to the entrance of the Belly of the Dragon.

And when I say short, it’s SHORT.

Only 0.5 miles out and back.

Once you get to the entrance of the tunnel, you’ll scramble down a couple of rocks to get on the carved tunnel trail that goes under US Highway 89.

Belly of the dragon
Belly of the dragon

It’s fairly easy to scramble down into this area. If you have small children or feel nervous, just have someone go down first and grab your hand. You’ll be just fine young grasshopper.

Once you get to the cave opening, you can simply wander and explore until your heart is full, or your blood freezes.

Belly of the Dragon

I say “blood freezes”, because it was a perfect 60 degrees getting down to the tunnel.

Once I entered the tunnel it was probably around 30 degrees.

Talk about SHOCK and awe.

Belly of the Dragon
Belly of the Dragon

You can see the literal light at the end of the tunnel.


(All of the puns intended.) 

Belly of the Dragon
Belly of the Dragon

Every part of this cave is Instagram-worthy. 

Bonus points if you can still feel your face and fingers at this point.

I definitely couldn’t.

Belly of the Dragon
Belly of the Dragon

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12 Responses

  1. I had no idea that was man made. However can you do the Aladdin tunnel next hike!?

  2. Belly of the dragon post was so cool! Literally I guess! Ha! Ha! Another place I must go and check out! I love that you find all these amazing places. All I do is click on your posts to see where I want to go next. The caves are amazing!

    1. Thanks so much! You need to go see some of these, especially this one!

  3. Wow, that is one cool place to see. The pictures of it are stunning. What an amazing experience you had.

    1. It’s such a neat area full of gorgeous scenery! Thanks, Kasia!

  4. Ok I need to go to the Cave of Wonders with you! Please take me. And in case you’re wondering.
    Yes, I do trust you Aladdin. ?

  5. Me and the kids are going next week and I am so excited about this, thanks again for sharing all the wonder of this beautiful area!!!! <3