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12 Months of Buddy

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Every Christmas, my sister-in-law creates an adorable calendar of my nieces and gifts it to my mom. It’s the cutest thing, and my mom loves it.

So, since I haven’t birthed any children of my own, I opted to make her a 12-month calendar of my fur-child, Buddy.

dog calendar 2019

I decided to go one step further and theme each month. If you’re going to do it, might as well go all-in, right?

Dog calendar January Happy New Year 2019 Dog with hat, dog in snow

Buddy doesn’t care about anything other than being next to his humans. So he’s pretty much up for anything.

Dog calendar 2019 February love hugs and kisses

Are you thinking this is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen?


That’s what I was going for. It’s going to get better, or worse, depending on your perspective.

dog calendar 2019 march, happy st patrick's day. Dog wearing festive St Patrick's day headband

It’s harder than you think to get random holiday headbands and such. Most stores don’t carry St. Patrick’s day items in December. Go figure. I was committed, so I ordered most of it on Amazon.

Happy Easter. Dog Calendar 2019 dog wearing bunny ears

I assume at this point you’re either laughing, rolling your eyes, or closing out of this article. I hope it’s the first one because I laughed uncontrollably making this calendar, so I can’t apologize.

Mother's Day 2019 dog calendar, dog wearing pink and purple wig with cleaning supplies, becky wants to speak to your manager

Aaaaand….nailed all the stereotypes.

Dog calendar 2019 dog wearing tool belt with tools. Dad is sign, saw and hammer, father's day June

Buddy definitely enjoyed being the center of attention.

I had to skip putting July on here, because unfortunately I’ll admit, I put the flag around Buddy. I didn’t realize that was disrespectful until after the fact. So, I digress, and apologize.

Just picture it – it was adorable.

Happy adoption anniversary, dog calendar 2019 collage of dog

Of course, I had to celebrate Buddy’s adoption anniversary month. That is, after all, the reason I was able to make this calendar in the first place.

Dog calendar, September 2019 Happy Birthday Grandma Dog with birthday gift hat, presents, and balloon background

And since this calendar was made for my mom, I had to highlight her birthday month.

My mom legitimately calls Buddy her “grand-dog”.

So I’m not the only crazy one. Or maybe I get it from her.

dog calendar September 2019, days of the week month

I filled the calendar with the main holidays and some random ones.

The Labor Day one shows buddy with a bowl of food-shaped toys and a note that says, “Will work for food”.

Keep judging. I’ll keep laughing.

Fall fun, October, Dog calendar 2019 trick or treat, dog in pirate costume, pumpkins

He loved the costume and wanted to eat the hook.

I found the costume at the dollar store.

You’re welcome.

Thanksgiving, dog calendar 2019 election day, veteran's day, dog with pumpkins with fall leaves, dog dressed as President Trump, Make dogs great again

Listen, I’m not here to argue politics. But even if you aren’t a fan of Trump, you have to admit…it’s hilarious. I laughed so hard taking these ones that I got the hiccups. True story.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the best month ever: DECEMBER!

Fun fact: Christmas, my birthday, and New Years all fall within the same week!

Dog calendar 2019 December, Christmas, Dog wearing santa hat in front of a christmas tree

Special shout out to Shutterfly for allowing me to create this masterpiece.

And if, by chance, you want to purchase a copy of Buddy’s calendar, hit me up.

I got you.

Hope you enjoyed this random blog post. I know I enjoyed making it.


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  1. I am the lucky recipient of Buddy’s calendar and I love it! It is hilarious, highly entertaining, and just plain adorable! Jessie has the best sense of humor, and a fun personality! She is also extremely creative and very talented. She puts her heart and soul into whatever she is doing! Oh and I do love my grand-dogs!

    1. Aw, that’s so sweet! And I’m glad you enjoyed the calendar ?

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