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Panaca Warm Springs & Cathedral Gorge

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Ok, ok, this is another one that’s technically not in Southern Utah. In fact, it’s not in Utah at all. The location is Panaca, Nevada. BUT if you’re in for a pretty short road trip, it’s only 1.5 hours from the city of St George. And it’s well worth the drive.

Nothing compares to soaking in a natural setting surrounded by beautiful scenery. This underrated warm spring is the perfect spot to swim and soak all year long. You definitely won’t find this kind of bliss in a water park, that’s for sure.

You’ll find the spring located a mile north of town. Locals have been using the small swimming area for generations and during the summertime you’ll often seen people tubing, soaking, picnicking around the pool, or even snorkeling, if you’re us. People have dumped their aquarium fish in the pond (not a good thing) but it makes for an interesting snorkeling experience!

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Once you’re done going for a dip, I highly recommend stopping to see Cathedral Gorge! It would be dumb to be this close and not experience it.

The park was created naturally with explosive volcanic activity. Layers of ash were deposited hundreds of feet thick. Great walking trails abound for exploring the cave-like formations and cathedral-like spires that are the result of geologic processes from tens of millions of years ago. A photographer’s dream, the park offers stunning views of the scenic canyon and you won’t regret stopping to witness it.