Chuckwalla Trail and loop

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This popular 3½ mile loop consists of the Chuckwalla, Turtle Wall, Paradise Rim, and Halfway Wash trails. When you first start out, you will see is the Chuckawala climbing wall, which is simply people rock climbing. You can’t miss it, and it’s pretty cool to see.

The Chuckwalla trail is accessed directly from the Chuckwalla trailhead off of State Route 18 north of Snow Canyon Parkway.  The Chuckwalla trail serves as a major connector to the Turtle Wall, Beck Hill, Halfway Wash, and Paradise Rim trails in Paradise Canyon and as an initial route to reach the Gila and Scout Cave trails from the south. In other words, you can travel for days if you want to start on this trail.

Chuckawala trail: 1.7 miles, Halfway wash – 3 miles, Paradise Rim – 3.6 miles, Turtle wall – about 3.8 miles roundtrip.

Follow the main trail, this will take you to Turtle Wall.

Lots of beautiful views of Ivins, Santa Clara, and the red mountains

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